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US Essential Growth

The US Essential Growth strategy is designed for investors seeking a pure exposure to the US large cap equity market.

It is an active bottom-up approach whose objectif is to beat the S&P 500 index (with net dividends reinvested). Securities are selected from a universe, of 500-600 large, liquid, well-covered stocks.

An exclusive screening model first evaluates the relative attractiveness of all stocks in the universe, using a combination of fundamental indicators, to generate a number of Buy or Sell ideas.

The resulting investment ideas then become the focus of a detailed analysis. This covers their operating environment, their activity, their strategy, their ethics, their financial situation and, ultimately, their outlook. This research leads to a final stance on each case.

Based on extensive research about the US market’s behavior over decades of historical data, the US Essential Growth strategy has a Core Growth (or “market-oriented with a Growth bias”) investment style: it offers a permanent Growth bias, but modulates it over time to better weather different market conditions.

Graphene Actions USA

Graphene Actions USA is a French UCITS fund (FCP) managed with the US Essential Growth strategy. It offers a wide choice of Institutional or Standard shares, in dollars or euros, with or without currency hedging.



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