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Investment Management

For distinct reasons, the markets we specialize in rank among the most challenging in the world.

While they offer a wealth of opportunities, the exchanges we cover also are characterized by a constant flow of conflicting information, and multiple cultural peculiarities. This environment requires a particular sense of discipline to avoid decisions made under the influence of emotion.

Seasoned investors know that well, and expect their portfolio managers to use strict decision-making processes and robust systems, to maximize their chance to meet performance objectives. A transparent communication is also required.

Graphene Investments’ approach is built upon a long experience of the targeted markets as well as demanding investors’ expectations. Our methods take advantage of local specificities while turning the distance into an advantage.

Investment philosophy

Because no single approach is better than the others in all markets and all areas, because even the most common views cannot always sustain a deep study, each detail in our method is shaped by a pragmatic, documented analysis.

Investment process

We offer truly active strategies driven by stock-picking. Investment ideas are pre-selected though an extensively researched quantitative screening. They are then studied in detail by experienced professionals. Robust rules and systems guarantee investment discipline throughout the process.

Information and reporting

All our customers are entitled to a high-quality information. As early as the first business day of each month, a “synthetic report” provides a summary of important facts and performance data regarding the past period. The full report, which includes detailed comments on these same topics, is released two or three days later.

Investment vehicles

Two investors may choose the same investment strategy without necessarily having the same needs as regards the investment vehicle.

For tax reasons, image management or administrative convenience, legal structures are not all equal in the eye of professional investors. These may also wish to request customized investment guidelines or reporting standards.

Thanks to a well-though investment process and a proprietary portfolio monitoring tool, Graphene Investments can manage many funds and institutional accounts simultaneously.

This set-up allows the required degree of personalization while maximizing strategic consistency and fairness.

Graphene funds

We market our own funds, with a broad choice of institutional or standard shares, and multiple options for the denomination currency and protection against foreign exchange risks.


You are an institutional investor and you would like to introduce some degree of customization in your account’s fnancial or administrative management? Let’s discuss it. We can manage a separate account opened in your favorite global custodian’s books.

'White label' management

You are a wealth management firm, you distribute your own family of funds, and you would like to expand this range to offer additional investment strategies ? Entrust us with the management of your new fund to get turnkey service.



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